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The Intensive Seminar Plus 2014

October 29 - November 10, 2014

The Research Center for Japanese Garden Art and Historical Heritage is pleased to announce the 16th annual English language intensive course in the history, design theory, landscape ecology, and practice of the Japanese Garden.

We have been running the Seminar successfully for 16 years, and have been joined by more than 380 participants from all over the world – from Singapore to Mexico, Germany to the US. The international character of the participants has over the years increasingly stimulated the global character and contents of our teaching, making the Seminar a full and rewarding event for everyone involved, including the staff of the Center. The program is designed in the context of the Graduate School of the Kyoto University of Art and Design. The Seminar leaves ample room for an individual learning experience for each participant and is fully academic at the same time. If you have taken part in an Intensive Seminar with us previously, you are welcome to apply once more for the Intensive Seminar Plus.

The two-week program offers serious students from abroad a number of unique opportunities to study the Japanese garden. Some days will be divided between site visits and lectures on campus, but there will be several all-day excursions as well. On-site lectures will be given in some gardens that are usually not open to the public. The 16th seminar is now in the process of accepting applications for review and selection. In order to provide maximum personal attention, we strive for a group limited to not more than 25 students. However, if there are not enough applications, and the resulting number of selected participants is less than 20, the seminar may be canceled.